Terminally Funny:
How Being Sick Helped Me Live


 Published February 5, 2016

Throughout life, we are faced with unexpected situations that challenge us to rise to the occasion. Terminally Funny: How Being Sick Helped Me Live is a compilation of short stories, ranging from learning how to drive at nine years old to discovering mid-flight that the plane has insufficient gas to making people reconsider their grocery store purchases. Authors Tim Sweeney and Katlin Sweeney write from the perspectives of father and daughter. They use these stories to highlight how navigating life with a terminal illness can inspire people to find the humor in awkward or difficult situations.


Released February 5, 2016, Terminally Funny: How Being Sick Helped Me Live is written by Katlin Sweeney and her father, music consultant Tim Sweeney. Based on Tim's experiences as a terminally ill person for more than twenty years, both Sweeneys come together to write about finding the humor in life and treating a terminal illness as motivation to live in the present.


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Angry Young Women

Published January 20, 2015

Being a woman is a complex, multidimensional identity in contemporary American culture, producing varying perspectives on what it means to be educated, feminine, and successful. Angry Young Women considers the relationships between women of differing generations and how societal expectations impact their ability to understand one another. Abandoning the outdated notion that women are bred for a secondary success to men, it is younger women who have the power to radically alter the pace of society.


Released January 15, 2015, Angry Young Women is Katlin Sweeney's second novel that explores women's issues in a way that applies to both men and women. Both books look at problems that women face on a daily basis and how they also impact men, encouraging readers to reconsider their understanding of gendered issues. It is currently available in eBook format through iBookstore, Amazon, and barnesandnoble.com. On January 20, 2015, Angry Young Women became a best seller in Feminist Literary Criticism on Amazon. Since then, it has also gone on to become a best seller in Women Writers in Women's Studies and Literary Criticism & Theory.


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The Bench Sitter ​
Published August 15, 2011

"Success is determined by the valuable lessons you learn from an experience, not by the amount of points you score or the trophies you win." In Katlin Sweeney's new book, The Bench Sitter, you will learn how you can find what you are meant to do in life when you are in the wrong situation, and how to take advantage of a circumstance that is completely different than what you initially thought you were getting into.


Released on August 15, 2011, The Bench Sitter is Katlin Sweeney’s first novel and an Amazon #1 best seller. It spent 19 consecutive months as a best seller in the Amazon Kindle Children’s Sports Biographies category, and was a best seller in the Children’s Sports Biographies, Children’s Biographies, Teen & Young Adult Sports Biographies, and Teen & Young Adult Sports & Outdoors categories as well. It is currently available in eBook format through Amazon, iBookstore, and barnesandnoble.com.


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