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Student publication editors respond to Daily Titan editorial

APRIL 28, 2015

By Elaiza Armas

The Daily Titan at CSU Fullerton


California State University and USC student publications weighed in on the difficulties expressed by the Daily Titan in its editorial published last week, “Transparency? Not at CSUF.”


Students working at publications at both public and private universities echoed the same idea—lack of transparency at a public institution is no small problem, and one that shouldn’t be seen at a public institution.


“It has a (good) story of journalism,” said Will Federman, editor-in-chief of Neon Tommy at USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. “It’s one of those things that the school loves to brand about itself … it loves to talk about the journalism program, and you can’t really do that and at the same time deny access to your journalism students. It’s an imbalance that is kind of..." Read the rest by clicking the article!

Getting to Know Your Cougar Chronicle Editors

JANUARY 12, 2015

By Ray Ravarra

The Cougar Chronicle at CSU San Marcos


Our Video Team put together a short film about what The Cougar Chronicle is and how you can get involved. Watch by clicking the video!

Creating the Dynamic, Digital Portfolio

OCTOBER 9, 2014

By Katlin Sweeney

Published by Portfolium Team on Portfolium 


The ways that students can catch the eyes of potential employers is constantly evolving, evidenced by the advent of the interactive, digital portfolio.


Portfolium, the new way that students can bring a youthful spark to the traditional resume, was introduced to students in early September. The campus has partnered with the company by providing each student with an account and encouraging them to utilize the portfolio tool for an added visual component when going into job interviews.


Nicknamed by some individuals as a "LinkedIn geared more for students," Portfolium allows the user to demonstrate their professional and personal interests by actually showcasing the projects that they normally would just mention in a resume.


With the success that Portfolium has enjoyed at other universities in California since its creation last year, the administrators at...Read the rest by clicking the article!

Students lead program that reduces waste from coffee runs

OCTOBER 6, 2014

By Katlin Sweeney

Published by Kill the Cup Team on


Grabbing coffee before class is a societal custom that many college students have implemented into their daily routine. However, the plastic cup that these drinks are purchased in are utilized one time and then immediately thrown away.


For individuals that have harbored guilt over throwing away hundreds of coffee shop cups after only a few hours of use, the Kill the Cup initiative provides a simpler way to make consumption more eco-friendly. Kill the Cup is a four-week program in which participants deviate from getting their morning drink order served in a plastic cup and instead bring their own reusable one. With establishments offering incentives to contribute to this eco-friendly trend, such as Starbucks offering customers 10 cents for utilizing reusable cups, Kill the Cup further motivates participants with the opportunity to win prizes, for example $50 cash award or an iPad.This program, which originally started out as a grant project at UCSD, has...Read the rest by clicking the article!

City ends longterm parking near CSUSM

JULY 23, 2014

By Teri Figueroa

The San Diego Union Tribune


SAN MARCOS — At the end of August, there will be no more long-term street parking in the industrial park north of Cal State San Marcos.

Parking will be limited to two hours — days, nights and weekends.


The City Council voted 5-0 Tuesday night to limit parking times — a move that comes just a few weeks before the fall semester starts, and an extra 300 students will be moving into the Quad, a newly expanded university housing complex in the affected area.

The first day of fall classes is Aug. 25. The “two-hour parking” signs should start going up around...Read the rest by clicking the article!

There's no feeling quite like it...

SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

By Kent Davy

The San Diego Union Tribune


NORTH COUNTY — America’s first newspaper, “Public Occurrences: Both Forreign and Domestick” had its brief run on Thursday, Sept. 25, 1690, in Boston.

One day. That was it.


Its author, Benjamin Harris, pledged to “take what pains he can to obtain a Faithful Relation of all such things” that had “come to our notice.”


What followed in the columns were accounts of trouble between colonists and Indians, reports of a suicide and a small pox outbreak, news from a ship in from Barbados and of a fire in Boston....Read the rest by clicking the article!

BOOKS: Local authors tackle histories, novels, self-help guides and more

MAY 27, 2012

By North County Times Staff

The San Diego Union Tribune


Katlin Sweeney of Temecula has written "The Bench Sitter" ($9.99 e-book, BookBaby), a story of finding success even in a rough situation.


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