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"I was inspired by the author's humble approach to the book, how she seemed to hold everyone in higher regards than herself, and how the events depict only a fraction of the total stress that active high schoolers suffer throughout their four years, both in the physical and social aspects of life. Truly hope to see either a continuation or a new endeavor. This did not disappoint at all."



"Her writing is so deep and relatable I could at times not believe it was written by a high school student...She is an inspiration in her hard work ethic and her constant vigilance and respect for others. She never gives up, even though she is treated poorly by the cliche popular group who value vanity over playing as a team. In short, I give this book 5 stars. Miss Sweeney isn't afraid to leave anything out if this memoir, making it raw and pure. I sincerely hope that she will continue to write, because I would buy this book over again." 

Many thanks to Ms. Sweeney for her description of her volleyball experiences. All coaches should read this book as the issues raised warrant examination and consideration. By reading this book coaches may be better able to recognize and deal with these potential social factors and thereby create a cohesive team that will play together and have fun. Volleyball is a great game and these social pitfalls should not be allowed to interfere with what is truly a great sport.


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