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Graduate Teaching Associate, Department of English at
The Ohio State University

Recent composition and popular culture courses taught include English 2367.01: Making the Self(ie): Social Mediated Representation & Identities and English 1110.01: Made in America: Capitalist Productions of American Popular Culture.

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PhD Candidate working on dissertation project about
Latina self-representation 

Publications in 2022 include "Peripheral Futurities of Multiculturalism: Suffering Latinas in the Orange Is the New Black 
Ensemble Cast" and "Wellness TikTok: Morning Routines, Eating Well, and Getting Ready to be 'That Girl.'"

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Conference panelist and comics programming contributor 

2021 Highlights: Featured performer
at Onda Latina Ohio, panelist at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC), PopMeC Roundtable Series, & Venice West Conference; recognized as one of two inaugural BCAF Graduate Fellows; served on The Latinx Comic Arts Festival Advisory (LCAFA).

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