About Katlin

Katlin Marisol Sweeney-Romero is a PhD candidate in the Department of English at The Ohio State University who specializes in U.S. Latinx studies and popular culture. Her research interests include prison media, DIY culture, comics and zines by women of color, and media portrayals of Central Americans in the U.S.


She is currently at work on her dissertation, which focuses on how Latina content creators use their social media accounts to produce self-images that challenge flattened Latina representations in traditional media like television, film, and advertising. She currently serves as the Co-Coordinator of Programming and Marketing Support with The Latinx Comic Arts Festival Advisory (LCAFA). She was the central coordinator of SOL-CON: The Brown, Black, and Indigenous Comics Expo and an executive team leader with the Latinx Space for Enrichment and Research (LASER), both at Ohio State, from 2019-2021.