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Courses Taught

Graduate Courses at UC Davis

  • Performing the Selfie (Spring 2024)

Undergraduate Courses at UC Davis

  • History of Cinema from 1895-1945 (Winter 2024)

  • "Disneyfying" Diversity (Winter 2024)

Undergraduate Courses at The Ohio State University

  • "Disneyfying" Diversity: Disney's Depictions of Race in Feature Film and on Network TV

  • Fandom in the Frame: Explorations of Identity & Pop Culture in Comics

  • Introduction to Film

  • Making the Self(ie): Social Mediated Representation & Identities

  • "Made in the USA": Capitalist Productions of American Popular Culture

Undergraduate Courses at San Diego State University

  • Subversive Social Arenas: Political Subtexts in Digital Space

  • Uncanny Home Spaces: Navigating Domestic Anxieties & Identity Constructions in Literature

  • Temporalities of Progress in Popular Culture

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